2018 Junior Champion Camden Shaveer

[Underlined towns contain race info.  Underlined dates contain results]

WBRA Finals- 12
New Year 's Race- 12
New Year's Race- 13


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2019 Year End Program

as of 10.13.19
Underlined RACES are linked to the race information
Underlined DATES are race results
If a race has a draw, the date will be underlined and that will be the draw
NPRA  and Pro-West Rodeos are WBRA Co-Approved for 2019

Attention Novice Entries: email pre-entries are meant for race entry day and that if you enter earlier than that, your lifetime winnings are still counted up to the day of call-in entries and you may need to re-enter on entry day to adjust what class you run in.

Novice Entry Fee scale per rule 9.4.3: (Please note that fees listed do not include producers office fees).  Jackpot: $30 - $2000 Novice: $30 - $1000 Novice: $25 - $500 Novice: $25 - $250 Novice: $20 - $100 Novice: $20 - Youth: $20 - Junior: $15

2018 2000 Novice Champion Matea Frensdorf